In Ear Screens


Sennheiser RS 110 best price  The difficulty of loss of hearing in relation to professional musicians is quite severe. Since musicians put food on the table mainly because of their excellent hearing and ability to interpret and produce music, many damage that they can could do for their ears could possibly have sturdy consequences. Unfortunately, modern music has turned in the amplification so loud at most concerts that not just the audience is in danger of having their hearing impacted the performers are taking a risk also. Given that night after night, musicians must be ready to hear their own instruments and voices over the roar of big stadium sound, they often do not have any choice but to turn up their very own monitors if you want stay close to par with the escalating volumes. Rapidly, this can lead to permanent damage for their hearing capabilities.

Fortunately, there are resolutions to this problem. Many musicians already play with ear plugs, some of them with plugs that have been put custom built to form-fit their ears and cut out harmful frequencies while preserving the sound of their performance. This allows some extent of protection against loud sound, but a better option for those on stage is get rid of the necessity of loud monitors completely. An exceptional solution for achieving this goal would be to use in ear monitors.

Sennheiser RS 110 best price

Also termed as personal monitoring systems, these devices resemble ear bud headphones due to their small size and shape. However, they’re much more sensitive and effective than consumer-grade earphones when it comes to transmitting the small print associated with a musician or singer’s performance. With about 3 different drivers, the nuance and emotion of one’s music are easily picked by band members. These devices also work as some sort of earplug, isolating the ear beginning with the noise of the house audio system and the crowd, and enabling them to mind for their own instrument or voice for a comfortable level. Furthermore, each musician can require that a custom mix be sent to their in ear monitors that reflects the weather of one’s band that they would most would need to hear during a concert. This cuts out a great deal of the muddiness and confusing harmonics that could be stimulated by very loud standard monitors, and it also prevents one band member’s monitor from overpowering the perfect another. As a result, in ear monitors can also work to prevent conflicts amongst musicians with regards to time to decide the position of monitors and the mix that can be applied to each.

Sennheiser RS 110 best price  In ear monitors come using a range of different companies, with Shure, Ultimate Ears and Westone close to the front of the pack. Some of these devices can easily be linked with the wireless transmitters and receivers already worn by artists, that makes it ensuring they will not interfere with the flow of a performance. Unobtrusive, and with excellent ear busting sound quality, in ear monitors are an extremely appealing solution for professional musicians looking to preserve their health as well as their hearing.


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